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The diffusion of web-based shopping systems: A comparative analysis of the key impact factors in the UK and Korea.

Kim, Changsu (2003) The diffusion of web-based shopping systems: A comparative analysis of the key impact factors in the UK and Korea. PhD thesis, London School of Economics and Political Science.

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As a major driving force of the global digital economy, Web-Based Shopping Systems (WBSS) are diffusing very rapidly across national boundaries. Though the diffusion of WBSS is recognized as one of the most important issues of electronic commerce, the research on WBSS is just beginning. There is little comprehensive research and only a few examples of empirical research on the topic. This research attempts to examine the phenomenon of WBSS diffusion in different national contexts, based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches. In particular, this dissertation attempts to answer the following questions: What are WBSS. Are WBSS an enabler of new business. What kinds of factors affect the diffusion of WBSS. Are there any distinguishing characteristics of WBSS diffusion in different national contexts. How do organisations tend to enable WBSS diffusion. What kinds of driving forces influence the shaping process of WBSS. In order to answer these questions, this research introduces several research models: a classification model of WBSS, a research model of WBSS diffusion, and a comparison model of key impact factors. On the basis of these models, this dissertation examines and attempts to explain the phenomenon of WBSS diffusion. It does so by relating survey research and interviews in two particular national contexts: the UK and Korea. The findings arising from the quantitative and qualitative data collected are applied to provide guidance as to the further diffusion of WBSS in both countries. Some of the major findings of the dissertation are: o At the macro level, a systemic view of WBSS diffusion is provided by analyzing the characteristics off our types of WBSS. Major characteristics of WBSS associated with each of these types of WBSS - their strengths, critical success factors and suitable strategic options - have also been identified. On the basis of this background knowledge of WBSS, a research model of WBSS diffusion was derived. o At the micro level arising from empirical investigations, key impact factors influencing the diffusion of WBSS in the UK and Korean contexts have been identified. Following cross-national analysis, the diffusion of WBSS was observed as a series of shaping processes being influenced by different cultural issues and similar ICT-related factors in global Web-based shopping circumstances. o The implications emerging from the quantitative survey and qualitative interviews from both countries are: -Theoretical implications were highlighted by comparing the WBSS diffusion model with previous ICT diffusion studies. It was observed that WBSS diffusion in both the UK and Korea is a dynamic, complex, and interactive shaping process being influenced by internal organisation and internal system factors, as well as external market and external technical factors. -Practical implications for further WBSS diffusion in both countries have been suggested in the interests of both promoting e-commerce, and establishing a solid base for the digital economy. Overall, this dissertation has attempted to provide a theoretical foundation for further research relevant to WBSS, electronic commerce and ICT diffusion in different national contexts. It is hoped that this research will serve as a catalyst for triggering new research agendas on e-commerce and ICT innovation diffusion, paving the way for other researchers who wish to build on the research findings of this dissertation.

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Business Administration, Marketing
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